Short term objectives

1)      To protect and maintain the ecology of the forest area, includes biodiversity and wildlife habitat through Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) techniques.

2)      To commit in complying with federal, state, or local laws and regulations, Malaysian Timber Certification scheme (MTCS) - MC & I, and the FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard of Malaysia principle and criteria.

3)      To balance the economic benefits of forest management with the environmental safeguards.

4)      To broaden the practice of sustainable forest management through RIL technique using Logfisher system.

5)      To conserve and protect the steep slopes, protected area and watercourses.

6)      To protect environmental values, High Conservation Values (HCV) and social values within ARSB HS Petuang concession.

7)      To protect rare, threatened and endangered (RTE) species and their habitats.

8)      To protect the ARSB HS Petuang concession from encroachment, illegal logging and hunting.

9)      To provide local people and workers equal job opportunities.

10)  To provide, strengthen and diversify the local economy.

11)  To recognize and uphold the rights, customs and culture of local community.

12)  To improve the practice of sustainable forest management by resource professionals, and contractors through appropriate training and research.


Long term objectives

1)      To maintain the identified environmental, social and cultural values in long-term existence.

2)      To maintain a long-term rate of return by maintaining the production of forest products.

3)      To broaden the implementation of sustainable forest by ensuring long-term harvest levels based on the use of the best scientific information available.

4)      To ensure long-term forest productivity and conservation of forest resources through reforestation, gap planting and other measures.

5)      To economically manage the forest on a sustained yield basis and continually maintain ecological and social benefits.

6)      To ensure the sustainability and growth of the forest resource in the concession in perpetuity.




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