Forest protection will be given a top priority and will be conducted on a continuous and regular basis with adequate facilities provided for the patrol and monitoring team. Main aspects of protection include:

     (i) Protection from encroachment

     (ii) Protection from fire


1) Protection from Encroachment

Access to unused forest roads will be blocked or obliterated through ripping and planting vegetation that would reduce the potential for encroachment and wildlife harassment. These measures will be strengthened through regular patrol with the help of the enforcement division of the Forestry Department and the relevant authorities concerned such as the police, army personnel, PERHILITAN, etc.

2) Protection from Fire

Under certain extremely hot and prolonged dry season, fire can cause a serious threat to the safety of live and property. During the Plan period, fire management will be given priority by Asrama Raya, and will be instituted gradually over the years. The control and protection of the concession forest from fire require several important steps that need to be clearly understood and followed by the management. These are:

     (i) the provision of a good fire plan;

     (ii) demarcation of clear and well-defined boundaries;

     (iii) provision of standing instructions to staff, contractors and workers;

     (iv) establishment of communications channel;

     (v) provision of training in fire fighting skill for staff and workers.


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